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In order to remit policies to the Clearinghouse, an account must be created. After creating an account by registering with SLIP, you will need to enter specific policy details, such as premium amounts and coverage codes when you submit a policy.

There are two options to submit policy data to the Clearinghouse system. Policy details can be manually entered in SLIP. This is ideal for low volume business or making corrections to previously remitted transactions. If your company files a high volume of policies, they can be filed in a single submission. SLIP allows you to upload multiple policies in batches using an XML format. SLIP will then process the data and provide a confirmation response.

  • Video Tutorials

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    New to SLIP or batch filing? Click here to see our library of educational videos.

  • Batch Filing

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    Visit the Batch Filing page to find information on using XML to file a high volume of policies in a single submission.

  • Manuals and Documents

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    Click here to access training manuals for SLIP as well as other informational documents.


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